Discipleship in Community.

At LIFEGATE we believe that a vital part of growing in your faith is practicing your faith in community. As a church we are intentional about creating the spaces for you to cultivate your our ability to practice the way of Jesus with others. No matter what season of life or faith you are in, we encourage you to be patient, intentional, and active in these gatherings as you develop new friendships and grow deeper in life and faith with others. 


•Are intentionally designed community gatherings for strengthening common bonds and expressing our collective need for life with Jesus.

•Provide the space for both connection and intimate conversation.

•Run year-round, do not require sign-ups, and serve as an intentional space for connection as we journey with Jesus. These are typically mid-size gatherings that have anywhere between 40-120 people who participate. The beauty of these spaces is that they are designed for anyone to join.

THE WELL | A Gathering For Women

Saturday, March 14th | 7PM | 10200 E Girard Ave, Building D, 80231

A monthly midsize gathering for the women of LIFEGATE and Denver. As an extension of what God is doing in and through LIFEGATE, The Well is a place for women in any and every season of life and faith. You are invited to experience authentic freedom, to be equipped to practice the Way of Jesus, and to receive encouragement from sisters in Christ.  


Saturday, March 28th | 8AM | 10200 E Girard Ave, Building D, 80231

This monthly gathering is a breakfast for the men of LIFEGATE. Created to be a unique intergenerational time for men, we use this time to teach from God’s Word and to create the space for intentional conversation around tables and challenging topics.


Thursdays | 7PM | 10200 E Girard Ave, Building D, 80231

Young Professionals is a weekly gathering for those out of college through mid their 30’s. This is an intentional space to form lasting community with other individuals who are navigating a similar season of life.


Tuesdays | 7PM | 10200 E Girard Ave, Building D, 80231

COLLEGELIFE is a weekly gathering for college students and college age young adults. It is designed to give college students and college age young adults a place to belong and connect with others in lasting, faith strengthening relationships.


Sundays | March 22nd  | 11am | Francy’s Gourmet Coffee

Finishers is a gathering for those who are in the 2nd half of life and desire to “Finish Strong Together.” Finishers meets two times per month on Sundays after the first Gathering.