What does it mean to be MADE ALIVE in Christ? The simplest expression is to be awakened to the PERSON of Jesus and to practice the WAY of Jesus. In our life of faith we often hear that we must be “followers of Jesus.” But what does that actually mean and look like? While we believe that our Sunday Gatherings are both powerful and necessary in the life of a disciple or follower of Jesus, it must extend beyond that. 

We cannot be satisfied to be a church of Sunday-only participation – we want to see people transformed in the power of God. To do so, we believe God has called us to actually create and invest in gatherings that cultivate a deeper experience with God. These gatherings are created with excellence, but they require intentional participation from each person who seeks authentic growth in their faith. We are asking – even in the busyness and chaos of this modern, secular, digital urban age – is it possible to practice the way of Jesus in the church and in true fellowship with others? The answer is: absolutely yes. Through teaching, practice, community, and the Holy Spirit, we can live in the reality of being Made Alive in Jesus Christ. 



Wednesdays | 7PM | 6160 S Wabash Way

The Made Alive series is a focused space for exploring the foundations of practicing the way of Jesus. This is our first ever attempt to launch a dynamic and robust gathering that will focus on intentional teaching and conversation. Each night will include a time of teaching followed by conversation at closed tables. Each table has a facilitator and once the series begins the tables are closed and you will be with the same group of people for all 8 weeks. You may sign up for this experience with others you already know and are friends with. This experience requires commitment as it meets weekly for 2 months and asks participants to engage in daily practices that will stretch and strengthen their engagement with Jesus. If you cannot commit to meeting we encourage you to wait and sign up when you can. 

The Made Alive Series will run October 2nd through November 20th, starting at 7:00 pm. Cost is $15, and childcare is available at no additional cost. Click here to register.