LIFEGATE began as a dream of Pastor Nirup Alphonse a few years ago. That dream eventually led to Pastor Nirup and his wife Hannah, along with several others moving from all over the country, to start a brand new church in the city of Denver. Together with others new and native to Denver, we had our first service in February of 2015 with a dream of reaching people who want to know God.

We believe God has called us to be a Christ-centered, Gospel-focused, multi-ethnic, inter-generational, life giving church where the Gospel is preached, Christ is worshiped and God is honored. Through this effort, we believe the people will come to know God deeper, families will be reconciled, broken lives will be restored, people would experience freedom, the hungry will be fed, the poor will be loved, the hurting will be comforted, and people will experience life to the fullest!

God is already moving in the city of Denver, and we believe He has invited us to join in advancing His Kingdom. In order for us to accomplish this we are asking God to lead us into living lives of risk for the sake of the Gospel. Without taking a risk we may never know the real power that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Our deepest desire is to MAKE JESUS FAMOUS and to MAKE HEAVEN CROWDED. I know that sounds like a simple idea. But the Gospel is a simple idea. The Gospel takes us as dead and makes us alive, and “NOW THAT WE’VE COME ALIVE” in Jesus, the people of LIFEGATE Church will live with a passion to worship Jesus as King and with a mission to advance His Kingdom around the world - starting in the city of Denver.

We will never stop dreaming big dreams and praying bold prayers for the Kingdom. We will never stop innovating with the purpose of telling the greatest story of Jesus. We will live generous and work with excellence because our God is generous and most excellent. And we will never stop taking risks!